no time for fake people

The virtual world is a difficult environment. Almost everyone knows how to retouch photos to perfection, apply make-up like a Hollywood star, and pose to get the perfect photo. 'If not you, nobody' was created to be more real. We rely less on Photoshop deception and more on the basics: communication, presence, attention and of course aesthetics, which is important to everyone.

Fake profiles are the most frustrating thing about other dating apps. There is nothing worse than spending hours chatting with someone and then meeting them in real life, only to find out that they are nothing like their profile photos. What do you think is going to happen when you fool someone with your photos? What would you do?

At 'If not you, nobody', we won't let something like that to happen to you again. All our users take an in-app photo to prove that it is completely real and up-to-date. If you prefer uploading landscapes, inspirational quotes, or your own photo with several different Instagram or Snapchat filters, you should stick with using other dating apps.

It's about being yourself, and being real. It's about not having to invent an excuse or run away because you feel completely lied to when you meet in person.

Are profiles verified? Yaaas! Like it or not, 'If not you, nobody' reserves the right of admission.

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