don't play with me

Surely you've heard terms like “ghosting”, “benching”, “breadcrumbing” and “compulsive right-swipers”. Well now you can say goodbye to people who treat you like a second fiddle or completely disappear. People like that have always existed, but unfortunately they have multiplied now.

At 'If not you, nobody', we believe that this “ghost effect” is the result of thinking of people in dating apps as disposable. And to be completely honest, we are convinced that this mentality has been fostered by these kind of apps.

A dating app is a good way to meet people who you would never have met otherwise. The bad thing is that relationships sometimes don't start seriously on apps like Tinder, Bumble and Badoo because they make you believe that there are thousands or millions of other possibilities waiting for you.

The immediacy of the 21st century is killing the fun experience of getting to know someone and winning each other's hearts. Online dating can sometimes make you feel like part of a vicious cycle, having the same encounters over and over again, only with different people.

At 'If not you, nobody', you decide when to completely show your profile and who to show it to. This eliminates the anxiety of immediate gratification when looking for a partner, rife in other apps. If you're looking for something superficial, aimed at instant sex and consuming people like objects, then 'If not you, nobody' is not the app for you.

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