your #lifestyle is what defines you

Many dating sites are based on algorithms in the same way that Netflix uses them for movie recommendations. WTF? We continue inventing new ways of meeting people in the online world. However, at the end of the day, 'If not you, nobody' has realized that the only formula that really works is sharing a lifestyle that represents your true essence and personality. If there is one thing that defines a person, it is their lifestyle and how they live day-to-day.

'If not you, nobody' is the only dating app where user compatibility is based on the 16PF (Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire). This scientific method accurately measures the personality of each person based on their daily behavior, interests and opinions. Don't worry if it sounds too complex, because we've integrated it in a way that is much more fun than it actually sounds.

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You might agree on musical styles or culinary tastes (which are also important), but if you meet someone who “likes to have everything under control”, but your style is more “let things flow”, your efforts won't get you much further than another uncomfortable and unnecessary date. Don't you agree? Your goal should be to attract people you really like. People who vibrate with your lifestyle and way of being, so you avoid uncomfortable surprises if you decide to make the leap to meeting in real life.

All these little details make the difference in whether or not two people get that special “feeling” for each other. At 'If not you, nobody', being true to yourself is always your best bet. It is important to convey who you really are to avoid disappointment and that awful feeling of having wasted your time.

Your lifestyle is what is really important to us. That way, when you start to get to know one another, you'll feel all those feelings that flow when someone likes you, while discovering the true chemistry between you. What happens next is up to you.