I'm not your “sometimes”

Searching on “It's a Match!” is cool! Then when you've got them, ignore them. This all makes the art of finding that "someone special" more difficult every day. Instead of getting turned down, its easier to move on to another person. And another... and another... and another...

Apps like Tinder and Badoo control who you meet and how you meet them. They also get you to make a huge emotional investment in the search for the perfect partner. Meeting people through apps works for a lot of people because they are quick, easy and cheap, because let's be honest, who can afford to go out every night? But quick and easy is not always fun, or ultimately rewarding.

Having a “supposed” bank of options one click away, receiving comments, notifications, likes and chatting with the perfect portrayal of women, men or any other gender identity, is almost too much to cope with in a healthy manner. The person you are chatting with might already have a dozen suitors lined up on the bench without even having left their front door. A “supposed” list of possibilities.

At 'If not you, nobody', we are convinced that everyone should feel “exclusive” and “unique”, so there is never more than one conversation at a time. Rest assured that you are alone while you get to know one another. You won't have to wonder if you are talking to a “match collector” or a “digital diva”.

Catch my eye or get lost in the crowd. You and me and no one else. Capisci?

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