to me, you are perfect

Dating apps have turned our lives into commodities and us into products, further complicating the already mysterious process of falling in love. Surely you've asked yourself more than once, “Is there anyone left looking for a real relationship?” Or, “What the hell do you want from me, no strings attached or a soul mate?”

Apps like Tinder have somehow forced us to embrace the idea that we're so busy that we can't afford to waste time getting to know people. We are a falsely-illusioned generation that expects too much, and are dominated by ego and the need for instant approval.

The fact that there are more opportunities to meet people doesn't mean you don't have to crank up your seduction skills. Dating apps help, but they don't work miracles. And that's when you have to act like its real life. It's you and you alone, doing the best you can to attract someone you like.

At 'If not you, nobody', we stand for “less is more” and “quality over quantity” (we've got the data to prove it). We all know that being single today can be exhausting. But the most important thing we stand for is the "real and natural”, be the person online who you are in your offline life. We are not perfect, but we are real and unique.

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